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About Mark Hurworth

Helping you get back in motion

Dr Mark Hurworth | Perth knee, shoulder & hip surgeon

Mark's background and interests

In a nutshell...

Mark Hurworth trained in Medicine at the University of Cape Town before pursuing a surgical career. 

“I have been very fortunate to undergo training in most of the English-speaking world – including specializing in Western Australia and a very interesting period in the USA.”

Mr Mark Hurworth, Orthopaedic surgeon Perth

Mark specialises in hip, knee and shoulder surgery, both replacement and arthroscopy. He consults at Murdoch, Armadale and Mandurah – and is always happy to consult via Telehealth if you are a country patient.

Mark Hurworth is currently Head of Department of Orthopaedics at Armadale Kelmscott Memorial Hospital (public).

He is a keen cyclist, reflected in his research interests, and sits on the board of Verve InfoTec, a company dedicated to improving outcomes in sport and health using groundbreaking technology. 

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Mark's top 3 topics

Orthopaedic surgery differs from some other areas of surgery, as having a problem does not necessarily mean that it always needs to be fixed, can be fixed, or is worth fixing. In some conditions, appropriate treatment without surgery is superior or equivalent to surgery.

If you are not sure whether you need orthopaedic surgery, it may be wise to get a second opinion.

During our first consultation, we will look at all your options, including nonoperative treatment.

I will inform you about alternatives that have been shown to work with clear evidence.

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Mark Hurworth

In a nutshell, all our research is focused on getting you in tiptop condition before you have surgery, and as quickly as you can afterwards.

Orthopaedic surgery depends more on your motivation as a patient than most if not all other types of surgery.

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Mark Hurworth

You will find that I am very passionate about rehab.

Recovery is the main goal of your entire treatment and the surgery is not the end goal.

My experience with many patients here in my practice in Perth keeps confirming it: What you do as a patient makes a huge difference. 

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Mark Hurworth

Cutting edge research

Mark Hurworth cutting edge research
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“We know that some patients do really well after quite significant injury without surgery, and we know that some patients do not do as well as we would expect with surgery. This is what my research revolves around.
  • How well can I do without surgery?
  • How can I best prepare before surgery?
  • How can I get better quickly after surgery?"

Dr Mark Hurworth
Orthopaedic surgeon Perth